FootLoose is a high-energy and fun contra dance band. The FootLoose sound draws from Celtic, Quebecois, southern old time, jazz and classical music influences. Performing for New England-style contra dances and in concert, FootLoose has played at numerous contra dance festivals and week-long dance camps throughout the United States.

Although the primary purpose of FootLoose is to rock the socks off of contra dancers, the band also performs English country dance, tango, waltz, hambo, schottische, zwiefacher, and Scottish country dance music.

FootLoose is Ted Ehrhard playing fiddle, David DiGiuseppe on accordion, Pete Campbell on piano, and percussionist Jim Roberts.



Trip to the Moon



A Rockin’ Collection
of Trad Inspired Tunes


Trip to the Moon, the newest FootLoose CD, features a contemporary take on traditionally-inspired tunes. In typical FootLoose style, this recording offers stellar, high-energy performances showcasing tight, sophisticated arrangements and solid improvisations in a wide variety of styles, tempos and textures.

Drawing on a diverse repertoire from traditional Irish, Southern old time, original and other styles, the recording is heavily influenced by today’s contra dance aesthetic. But it doesn’t stop there! Also featured is Rex McGee’s virtuosi playing on fiddle and banjo, a new and luscious tango waltz composed by David DiGiuseppe, Dean Herington’s wailing clarinet leading a medley of Macedonian tunes, Jim Robert’s ever-creative and powerful drum-laden grooves, plus a few surprises. And it’s all held together by Pete Campbell’s sultry piano playing.

A lively world fusion of new and old, Trip to the Moon is guaranteed to keep those feet tapping.

  1. Bundle and Go/Palamara/Paddy Fahy’s Reel
  2. Carpathian Tune/Lowdown Hoedown/Beth Cohen’s
  3. Miller’s Maggot/The Caves of Kesh/Forgotten Memories
  4. A Bicada do Tico Tico
  5. Maid Behind the Barrel/Copper Serpent
  6. Le Vin
  7. Trip to the Moon/Swing the Devil Below/Dr.Who Returns
  8. Ragtime Annie
  9. Johnny Court the Widow/Liza Jane/Sandy Boys
  10. Becky’s Lesnoto #2/Cocek
  11. Fried’s Triumph
  12. Celia’s Last Waltz

Rex McGee
fiddle, banjo

David DiGiuseppe
accordion, cittern

Dean Herington
clarinet, soprano sax

Pete Campbell
piano, bass

Jim Roberts




A Collection of Waltzes



This all-waltz CD features a mix of traditional French Canadian, Scottish, Italian, and Cajun waltzes, Parisian musettes and original compositions. 

A delightfully varied blend of tempos and textures makes this recording perfect for twirling around the dance hall or listening in your own living room.


  1. Winter’s Long Road
  2. Dean’s 50th Birthday/Ted’s Lucky Square
  3. Archibald McDonald of Keppoch
  4. Hommage à Philippe Bruneau/La Valse d’Hiver
  5. Incomprise
  6. Everdance
  7. Candles in the Darks
  8. Port Arthur Waltz
  9. Trois Tour de Piste
  10. Valse des Petites Jeunes Filles
  11. The Rosebud of Allenvale
  12. La Napoletana
  13. La Valse Soleil Couche
  14. Neil Gow’s Lament
Michael Barney Pilgrim 
David DiGiuseppe
accordion, mandolin
Dean Herington
Pete Campbell

Steppin’ Out



Music for Couples Dancing


This CD features a wonderful assortment of beautifully arranged music for couple dancing. Includes waltzes, tangos, hambos, schottisches and zwiefachers.
  1. Polska fran Rattvik (Hambo)
  2. Tango Baja Chaxra (Tango)
  3. Wintergrun (Zwiefacher)
  4. Caminos de Galicia (Waltz)
  5. Olands Tos (Schottische)
  6. Tango Caliente (Tango)
  7. One Last Time (Waltz)
  8. Hargaluten (Hambo)
  9. Los Novios (Tango)
  10. Bayrischer Bauer (Zwiefacher)
  11. Planet Love (Waltz)
  12. South of Andromeda (Waltz)
  13. Pentis Schottis (Schottische)
  14. Foggy Nights (Waltz)
Ted Ehrhard
fiddle, banjo

David DiGiuseppe
accordion, mandolin

Dean Herington
clarinet, piano

Pete Campbell
piano, bass

Jim Roberts




Contra Dance Inspired Music


The FootLoose debut release features original tunes, unusual tunes, and even a few chestnuts from the traditional New England contra dance repertoire.
Skillfully arranged and performed, high in spirit and energy, the quartet plays reels, jigs, waltzes and even a tango on fiddle, accordion, clarinet, piano, bass, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, washboard, and drums

  1. A Finnish Polka/Morpeth Lasses
  2. Wild One/Fair Jenny’s Jig
  3. Tango Caliente
  4. Jumpin’ at the Gym/Saratoga Hornpipe
  5. Inyo Barn Dance Waltz
  6. Minor Details/Dark Nights
  7. Mr. Fiddle/Rock-a-Bye Baby
  8. It’s in D/Dr. Campbell/Cape Breton Jig
  9. Juliann Johnson/Nancy Ann
  10. Elizabeth’s Reel/La Grande Chaine/The Scholar
  11. Caminos de Galicia
Ted Ehrhard

David DiGiuseppe
accordion, mandolin, bouzouki, washboard

Dean Herington

Pete Campbell
piano, bass

Jim Roberts

Special Guests:
Joe Newberry