History Through Song and Stories
Performances for Schools

The Palmetto State

Songs and Stories of South Carolina

For grades 2-6; 45-60 minutes; classroom to auditorium

Presenting songs from this country’s earliest days through the 20th century, musician and storyteller David DiGiuseppe offers a history lesson with a musical twist. His curriculum reinforcing presentations are fun and informative–integrating history, geography, folklore and music. 

His unique programs celebrate the rich heritage of American culture and tradition. DiGiuseppe introduces students to numerous instruments, including banjo, Appalachian dulcimer, Irish cittern, concertina and guitar. 

DiGiuseppe extends to his audience a heartfelt and fiery performance, combining powerful songs with stimulating tales of times past.

This musical journey explores:

  • The Charlestown settlement 
    • SC’s early inhabitants 
  • The English, Scots–Irish and German cultural connections 
    • Immigration patterns into the SC piedmont
    • The roots of SC’s instrumental traditions
    • Jack tales
  • Colonial South Carolina 
    • South Carolina and the American Revolution
    • The siege of Charlestown 
  • African contributions to SC’s culture
    • Field Hollers 
    • The blues
    • Br’er Rabbit stories
  • The economic impact of emerging technologies
    • Textile mills and manufacturing
    • SC’s Agriculture

The goals of this performance are to:

  • Offer a quality performance which is both entertaining and informative for both students and staff.
  • Present songs and stories with introductory narratives which reinforce curricula in geography, history and music.
  • Enhance the learner’s understanding and appreciation of southern and North Carolina history.
  • Enhance the learner’s understanding of the contributions which diverse ethnic groups have made to North Carolina’s culture.
  • Enhance students’ appreciation of traditional music and stories. 
  • Introduce students to unfamiliar instruments and musical styles

Audience Engagement Strategy

Student participation includes singing on choruses, clapping in rhythm where appropriate, repeating particular lines in stories, and answering questions during a song’s introduction.

Each song in the program is introduced with a relevant narrative. During this introduction, students are often asked questions which relate to their study of history, geography or music.

Every song includes an easy chorus on which the students can sing along. The chorus is taught before or during the song’s performance. In certain pieces, rhythmic clapping is encouraged.

Each story has a few lines which the audience periodically repeats, sometimes with accompanying gestures.