Bound for Carolina

Scots-Irish Traditions in the South

A fun and informative performance of music and stories
for school, family and adult audiences.


Presented by David DiGiuseppe
& Rob Sharer

Bound for Carolina brings together history, folklore and geography in an exploration of the music and stories of Southerners and their ancestors from Scotland and Ireland. 

Using songs, stories and dance tunes, David DiGiuseppe and Rob Sharer present a lively and engaging performance that traces folk traditions from the Scottish highlands to coastal Carolina, from northern Ireland to the Carolina piedmont and mountains. 

This musical journey features numerous instruments from both the old and new worlds, including fiddle, wooden flute, Irish cittern, accordion, banjo, mandolin, lap dulcimer and guitar.

Bound for Carolina incorporates engaging songs, energetic fiddle tunes and humorous stories examining a variety of topics, including:
• the lives and experiences of immigrants as they settled in the South
• migration patterns from the Old to the New World
• traditional music and stories from Ireland and Scotland
• southern folk music and stories including old-time fiddle tunes, traditional ballads and songs, Jack tales and tall tales, and the social settings in which they were performed
• acoustic instruments from both sides of the Atlantic.

DiGiuseppe and Sharer combine a deep knowledge of folklore and history with years of experience as professional performers.

David DiGiuseppe has performed professionally since 1978, working extensively in both communities and schools. A nationally recognized accordionist, he is also known for his versatility as a multi– instrumentalist, singer and story teller.

Rob Sharer has performed solo and with numerous bands throughout his career. In 1998 he moved to Co. Clare, Ireland becoming a fixture on the session scene there. He has toured America, Europe, and China with Ireland’s Denis Liddy and Michael Hynes.